#7: Go for a run…just exercise DAILY.

So if you know me then you aren’t surprised to hear that I love running. No, seriously, I mean, I LOVE IT. A LOT. It’s something that has always been that one thing I loved to do, but hesitated to keep up with. Last summer I started a personal campaign to run as much as I could. Why? Because why not. It’s a confusing combination of exhilaration and relaxation. I don’t run because it’s healthy or because I want to finish marathons. I run because it’s the only time I’m really alone; when I run I think about, well, everything. It’s not just everything, but everything in my life that matters.

Lets look at the overall aspects of running.
  1. You can run literally whenever, wherever! Down the street, in a park, on a treadmill, through a city, school track, playground, baseball field. Anywhere as long as you have the mindset, motivation and you aren’t trespassing. Also. it’s a year round activity. Just saying.
  2. It’s a super cheap way to just feel awesome. Since I started running I’ve spent a few bucks on water bottles and of course new shoes (more than a few dollars), but that’s ok because I will never go to a gym. And I honestly I don’t want to waste the money (personally of course).
  3. Running has improved my overall self-esteem. After a good couple of miles outside I come home and just feel incredible. As if I could take on the world. Everything that made me feel sad just goes away and for those brief moments I’m at my happiest.
  4. There are some health factors like reduced risk of heart disease, stress relieving, stronger bones and other benefits, but I have a little longer before I really start worrying about any of that. Sorry mom and dad I should worry more.
This list can be very vast, but I want to stick to why I love it so much.

There is something called a “Runner’s High” and yes, it is very real. It happens when you hit a point during a strenuously activity where you don’t want to stop. The endorphins that are release just make you feel a level of intensity that is very hard to explain. For me, it comes at about the mile mark. I finally find a comfortable stride, my breathing is very controlled and the rush of the wind brushing passed me is like no other feeling. I’m lost in my headphones and can feel every movement my body makes. My feet hitting the ground and adjusting to the messy sidewalks and streets of Providence to my muscles getting tighter with every stride. Honestly, I lose myself for that time and my mind just goes nuts. I can think of everything that is relevant and not relevant at all. I can’t get into detail about what I think about simply because they’re my thoughts and I don’t want to give those up.

Overall, I’m not sure why I stopped running after high school. I had forgotten how good it made me feel. If I were not able to run anymore I’m not really sure how I would handle it. I’d be lost and the thought of losing that feeling of freedom actually scares me. Until then, I run until I can’t run anymore.

Sometimes I feel like Forrest Gump