#37: Stop Caring About What Other People Think of You

This one is tough because it is very much in our nature to worry about what people will or will not approve of. I understand that everyone wants to be liked and I’m not going to lie, I want to be liked. I tend to be sensitive not to offend anybody and in doing so I realized how bad it was for my personal well-being.

Let’s be real, people are constantly judging you and there is nothing you can do or say about it. The good news is that you don’t need everyones approval. You only need the approval of those you care about. Recently, I struggled with the feeling of loneliness and being a loser, but none of that was true. I read an article online that outlined “How Not to Give a F*ck What Others Think”. And here is what it outlined.

1. Stop over-thinking:
  • It’s easy to obsess over the little things that put us down. An easy way to see if someone likes you is to push the limits and see how they react. A stranger won’t care or notice the change to your personality, but a friend will and ask questions. 
  • Really listen to yourself and catch when your over-thinking. Once you can recognize what you are doing you can do something about it. 

2. Put things into perspective:

  • Look at it this way, you only have one life, are you really going to let other peoples opinions control your life. I’m not saying to ignore the opinions of others because it is important to accept people for who they are and their point of view. Just don’t make them something you obsess over. Your thoughts are important too.

3. Be confident:

  • Smile: Everyone is struggling with something and a smile can easily put someone at ease.   
  • Visualize success: The first thing we always think about is when we are going to fail. Instead of thinking about a potential failure think about how you can be successful. An easy way to do so is to break down goals into pieces Everyone has small and long term goals, and everyone has a different approach to accomplishing them. Recently, I have been breaking down my goals into small pieces so my goals are more obtainable. It really works!

4. Learn to control your emotions:

  • It’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus on a current goal or objective. As soon as you can observe your feelings and emotions, you can pull yourself away from them and overcome what is putting you down.  

5. Accept yourself for who are:

  • This is by far the toughest thing someone can do. It’s doubt that puts us down. But how can you manage it? A friend of mine told me to write down everything I didn’t like about myself. After you have your list, look at it carefully and see what you can do to possibility change them. 

Overall, it’s ok to to care about what other people think about you. Just don’t make it your priority and be careful not to offend anyone. I recently wrote another post about “Making Your Life A Priority”. I believe that your life and how you think about it is truly important. So…go out there and be awesome yoo!

“Be kind. Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle.” – John Watson