#42. ALWAYS Follow the Golden Rule…Especially Complete Strangers

Everyone has been told the same thing growing up “Treat others the way you wish to be treated”. The way you speak, think, and act actually affect other people and it is very easy to offend someone you know or even do not know. The way the golden rule is presented is simply telling others to go out and do the right thing, everyday. In reality, it isn’t possible to do the right thing everyday. We all have our vices and those things that prevent us from doing the right.

I work in an environment where it is extremely important to follow the golden rule. One thing I’ve learn is that you never want to come between someone and their technology. Especially when it is not working as they expect it to. We say this all the time at work “You only have the first minute of the interaction to make the appointment as personal as possible”. If even for a second you forget the golden rule you’ve lost that customer. It is as simple as shaking hands and introducing yourself. If you are able to smile and ask “how are you?” you will reap the rewards.

In my personal life my older brother Michael is an awesome example of the golden rule. He will always give someone a chance and will never judge a book by its cover. He really does have an interest in getting to know most people and seeing the good in them. That is until you get on his bad side. Love you bro.

This one is easy. Be kind. Be awesome. And remember that everyone is fighting a battle.