#12: Listen to Ridiculously Awesome Music While Cooking and in General

I am honestly going to get a lot of crap for writing this next post because it does involve my favorite genre of music. Based on that sentence alone you can probably guess my favorite genre is country. There are many reasons why country music is great and like every cliché blog post about an opinion; I’ll make a list.


It’s Relatable – When you’re really happy or sad you can turn on some country music and become one with the lyrics. With country music, you can always find that song that you want to believe was meant for you.

It isn’t complicated – Let’s be honest for a second. You can always understand what the song is trying to say. It isn’t bogged down with over-used metaphors that you have to decipher in your free time. I’m not lazy I just don’t have that much time.

The Twang – Most people hate it with every ounce in their body, but I love it. You can easily identify when a country song is playing on the radio. Some people believe that all country songs sound the same, but they are all different and have their own unique sound. I encourage everyone to at least try and listen to different artists and not just what you hear on the radio.

Country concerts are the best – Even if you hate country music you’ll absolutely love the atmosphere. Country singers and their fans know exactly how to have a good time. The music is just a reason to come together and party. Whether it be in the parking lot before the show or in your seat singing along with friends. If you’ve never been you’ve already failed at being awesome.

Now, this post is about listening to ridiculously awesome music while cooking and in general. I believe I have touched upon why I love country music (that’s the in general part). Let’s talk about the cooking part.

A few nights ago I rigged my kitchen with an Apple Airport Express and a set of speakers for the sole purpose of listening to music while I cook. That’s exactly what I accomplished when I blasted country music and cooked an awesome chicken dish. If you want to know what I cooked check out the recipe on my dad’s food blog, foodieroadshow.com.

This was just another step to being awesome yoo.