Everything is O.K.

Kids, don’t be me, but instead learn from me. You read my last post and that’s awesome and I appreciate it and if you haven’t then check it out here before reading any further. Since then I’ve spent a lot of time evaluating things and realized that 2017 sucked and that’s O.K; I wrote down a list of things I’ve thought about. 2018 is going to be a much better year because these things take time, perseverance and determination.

  1. You believe that you will never find the one and that’s a bunch of sh*t. You will. It may take time, but give it the time it deserves.
  2. You are the farthest thing from stupid. Don’t give yourself to someone who isn’t going to love you through the good times and especially the bad.
  3. That sh*t feeling you get when they don’t even need to use words to tell you to leave them alone and they don’t love you anymore. Yea, let that go because it isn’t worth it.
  4. Nobody is perfect and if they aren’t able to see that and forgive you for it. Move on.
  5. From this. You can love with all of yourself rather than a piece.
  6. You can talk about anything with anyone. Be more open and free to do so without feeling judged.
  7. That sh*t you see in movies isn’t reality. Real love takes perseverance and determination.
  8. Genuinely take care of yourself and not for someone else who will never appreciate it.
  9. Keep your chin up and always look into the curve.
  10. Take your time. Make the next one count. This one wasn’t it.
  11. When you do find it. Money and games don’t matter. It’s about that feeling. Wait for it. It will be worth it.
  12. Figure out what makes you tick and value that. The one should have their own values you respect and they should respect yours.
  13. Sh*t happens. Deal with it. Life is a bully. Life is hard. Fairy tales aren’t real. Pick up your pieces and give them to someone who will help you put them back together. Just because your broken now doesn’t mean there isn’t glue strong enough to fix it.

I wrote this buzzed on gin and really bad Stop & Shop tonic while listening to heartbreak country jams. And by buzzed I mean, well, drunk. Look guys, pain passes and wishing for change is an uphill battle. Listen to yourself and be the person you want to be. Look yourself in the mirror and battle to be happy and free to be yourself. There will be tears and factors you wish you can change, but sometimes you can’t change a damn thing. That’s O.K. Everything is ok. I promise it will get better. It will be difficult to let it go, but you can do it. My 2018 will be the best year of my life because I’m determined to make it great. I’m tired of putting myself down because of a “person” who simply stopped caring. Do I blame them? No, despite the way it may sound I appreciate them for crushing my spirit because in the end it makes me stronger than ever. I put her through hell and that’s on me. Now all I can do is fight for a brighter future.

Be awesome. Be happy. Have a great 2018.