What This Is About

I stumbled across a list. Not just any list. A list that will help me pursue my goal of being as awesome as possible everyday.  I don’t want to come off like a tool; because lets face it that’s what it sounds like. My goal is to wake up every morning with a natural smile on my face. Not a care in the world besides how I am going to conquer the day ahead. I want to do this list because I don’t want to be miserable for the rest of my life. I want to step away from my comfort zone and be awesome to myself and others. As a friend of mine once said “Today’s best is tomorrow’s standard”. I’m gonna change “best” to “awesome”.

Here is said list:

1. Make yourself a priority in life
2. Set both big and small goals for yourself
3. Actually stick to your goals!
4. Sing in the shower
5. Eat chocolate… daily.
6. Surround yourself ONLY with people that make you a better person
7. Go for a run… just exercise DAILY.
8. Workout in the morning
9. Take a cold shower after you workout
10. Stop complaining and take action for what’s troubling you!
11. Enjoy a good meal with great wine and conversation
12. Listen to ridiculously awesome music while cooking and in general!
13. Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night
14. Eat as many fruits and veggies as humanely possible!
15. Play with a dog whenever you get the chance
16. Enjoy a good Charcuterie or cheese plate with friends every now and then… Nom nom!!!
17. Keep a journal
18. Drink LOTS of water
19. Make S’Mores year-round (in the microwave or via stovetop)
20. Say “YES” more than “No”… MUCH MORE.
21. Snuggle
22. Smile
23. Laugh often
24. Splurge on a fancy dinner out… and do the damn tasting menu!
25. Create daily to-do lists…and crush them.
26. Spend family and friend time over a game of cards or a lively board game
27. Talk dirty
28. Dress like you mean business. GQ status shit.
29. Go on an awesome adventure with a friend
30. Engage in PDA
31. Have sex… Hi mom!
32. Get outdoors and get your daily dosage of Vitamin D
33. Wear sunscreen
34. Get addicted to TV comedies
35. Be content with doing absolutely NOTHING
36. Go outside your comfort zone as often as you can
37. Stop caring about what other people think of you
38. Engage in potty humor
39. Create a bucket list…. and don’t wait until you retire to check items off of it!
40. Plan as many getaways and vacations as possible!
41. Make eye contact with others
42. ALWAYS follow the Golden Rule: It is amazing how elated you feel when you are nice to others…Especially complete strangers
43. Pig out on horrible (but delicious) junk food… Just remember everything in moderation!
44. Become a member of a club or team (a book club, Weight Watchers, a kickball team, etc.)
45. Learn to laugh at yourself
46. Get a caffeine rush from a good cup of coffee… Or just use the coffee as a hand-warmer!
47. Strive to learn something new everyday… and read as much as possible!!!
48. Stop making excuses
49. Throw spontaneous dance parties no matter where you are or what you are doing

The moment I have achieved one of the items on this list I will write about it. Get ready because it’s going to be…do I really need to say it?


*The items crossed off mean I’m one step closer to awesomeness!